Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A guide to a healthy livelihood

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We called 2016, a year of Health for immigrants from Africa!
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Whether one has lived here for 50 years or a new arrival, it is high time we all engaged in a proactive way as far as our health is concerned.

Fruits for you.

Ten aspects have been our core activities or basis for action as of January 2016:

1. We specifically, explore different avenues to engage immigrants from Africa in accessing the health services, engage in active life and make a conscious move to have a better nutrition.
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2. Our explicit goal is to engage them in activities that improve their health standards.

Volunteer health coaches.

3. Through this platform it is possible to talk about consequences of risks which include: effects of smoking, high blood pressure,  diabetes, chronic kidney disease and obesity. 

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4. We have mapped out primary care points to be accessed, provided addresses and schedule.

Outdoors! Go, go!

5. We have mapped out  recreational facilities and gymnasia and by giving this kind of information, we hope a conscientious decision will be made by our beneficiaries to engage in regular formal exercises ranging from walking, jogging and other exercises.

Exercise is important!

6. Issues around sight, hearing, dental, bones, joints, muscles and skin are as important to us. Therefore, we encourage our beneficiaries to stay vigilant and healthy by doing two things: reporting to clinics for check ups and managing conditions of the eyes, ears, teeth, kidneys, lungs, bones, joints, muscles, and skin.
Exercise Chart: Courtesy of bupauk

Back pain exercises: courtesy of niams

7. We have designed a frequently asked questions template and would want you to read it. These questions are the health topics, nutrition topics and exercise topics we come across on a regular basis. These are important to our community.
Watch what you eat: Courtesy of Wikihow
Knee joint: Courtesy Webmd

8.  We encourage you to write down somewhere the following:
- A will in which you specifically want your last remains to be handled as well as your property.
- Your own particulars and emergency contact.
- Names of your primary care provider, clinic or health facility and pharmacy you go to.
- if you are diabetic or have any chronic illness, write down the kind of medication you take.

9. Provide information through this blog.

10. Engage in visiting African immigrant communities in Northern California to establish rapport and as a familiarization exercise. This helps establish needs ranging from: linguistics to physical/structural needs.

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